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Below is a list of books purchased by EATING. These can be found in the ICT Library, Venables N1015. They may be borrowed by EATING members but should be signed for.

Andriesson, J. Baker, M. & Suthers, D.Arguing to learn: confronting cognitions in computer-supported collaborative learning environments
Bates, A. W. (ed)The Role of Technology in Distance Education
Brown, S. Bull, J. & Race, P.Computer assisted assessment in higher education
Cohen, L. Manion, L. & Morrison, K.Research Methods in Education, 5th Edition
Day, AHow to get research published in journals
Duggleby, J.How to be an Online Tutor
Fallows, S. & Steven, C.Integrating skills in higher education
Harasim, L. Hiltz, S.R. Teles, L. & Turoff, M.Learning networks
Hawkridge, D.New Information Technology in Education
Hiltz, S.R.The virtual classroom - learning without limits via computer networks
Hiltz, S.R. & Turoff, M.The network nation - human communication via computer
Kukulska-Hulme, A. & Traxler, J.Mobile Learning - A Handbook for Educators and Trainers
Laurillard, D.Rethinking university teaching
Lave, J. & Wenger, E.Situated Learning - Legitimate Peripheral Participation
Lynch, M. M.The Online Educator. A Guide to Creating the Virtual Classroom
Macdonald, J.Blended Learning and Online Tutoring: A Good Practice Guide
McConnell, D.Implementing Computer Supported Cooperative Learning, 1st Edition
McConnell, D.Implementing Computer Supported Cooperative Learning, 2nd Edition
Miller, A.H. Imrie, B.W. & Cox, K.Student assessment in higher education
Moon, J.Learning Journals: A Handbook for Academics, Students and Professional Development
Morgan, C. & O'Reilly, M.Assessing open and distance learners
Murphy, D. Walker, R. & Webb, G.Online learning and teaching with technology. Case studies, experience and practice
Paloff, R. M. & Pratt, K.Building learning communities in cyberspace: effective strategies for the online classroom
Renninger, K. A. & Shumar, W. (eds)Building virtual communities: learning and change in cyberspace
Richardson, W.Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms
Ryan, S. Scott, B. Freeman, H. & Patel, D.The Virtual University - the internet and resource-based learning
Schwartz, P. & Webb, G.Assessment case studies, experience and practice
Simpson, O.Supporting students in online, open and distance learning
Squires, D., Conole, G. & Jacobs, G. (eds)The Changing Face of Learning Technology
Stephenson, J.Teaching and learning online
Thomas, P. (ed)CSCW Requirements and Evaluation
Tiffin, J. & Rajasingham, L.In Search of the Virtual Class. Education in an Information Society
Weller, M.Delivering learning on the net
Weller, M.Virtual Learning Environments
Wellman, B. & Haythornthwaite, C. (eds)The Internet in everyday life

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